Why the Nintendo Switch Is a Must-Buy

If you have at least $300 and some to pay for a modern video game console that everyone is buying; then pick up the Nintendo switch. Many users who have purchased the PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo Switch feel that the Switch is much better in a lot of aspects. In terms of price, both costs the same anyway.

On the Go

The Switch is perfect for on the go game-play. There is no need to have it connected to a power source when you play a game. Alternatively, for people who want to play on a larger screen, they can connect the Switch to the TV and continue where they left off. Other gaming consoles do not offer this feature, and this is the top reason why, the Nintendo Switch is a better choice.

Start-up Time

The Nintendo can start up for game play very quickly. The time taken to start up the console is about 4 seconds to completely boot up and get ready for play. For the price, when you need to be able to play a game on the go, the ability to start quickly and play a game, before you get back to your day, makes a difference.

Ways to Play

There are several ways you can play games with this console. You can have Joy Con controllers, on TV, tabletop version, etc. to play games. The best part about the controllers and accessories, that can be used with the Nintendo, is that they are all easy to move around with you. The price is also not as steep as other gaming accessories.

Party Play

Party play is amazing. Other people who have controllers can play together in a local environment easily as well. Up to 8 friends can play together on a single local connection at the same time and together. This makes it a lot more fun and versatile for people who play frequently with their mates. Nintendo brings the real party in party-play to life.

Online Subscription Service

Nintendo switch is introducing their new online subscription service soon. The price for the service is estimated to be much lower than other services currently in the market. Right up to this point being able to play games online has been free. However, with the new subscription services, the company does not expect to lose its dedicated players. The price of the subscription is set to about $20 per year. This is a steal of a deal and puts other companies such as Microsoft and Sony to shame with their $100 per year membership costs.

Unique Games

The games that you get on the Switch is unique. Within a year, the company has managed to introduce, 3 very successful games that players have been enjoying. The news about newer games being introduced has encouraged even more players to choose the Switch. This does not mean you can’t play any other games, that are in the market, on the Switch. In fact, there are some extra features like making games transportable instead of locking them to a console, which makes the Switch a preferred choice.