Using Your Mobile Phone as A Controller for Games – AirConsole

Gamers, who have an old love for the classics like Super Mario, find AirConsole, a new platform based on browser games, as a great way to relive that old obsession. The AirConsole website allows your phone to become your controller, meaning that you don’t have to go diving into the storage closet for your old Nintendo game controllers. The games are free and allow several players to indulge in hours of gaming at no cost. AirConsole has begun a new sensation amongst gamers with promises to be extended.

How to Transform Your Smartphone into a Controller

Connecting your phone to the gaming platform is more straightforward than connecting a dedicated controller. To connect to the game, you must first get a TV or laptop, and your smartphone. Download the AirConsole site and app on the phone. Once you have the website and app running, all you have to do is copy the link that shows up on your laptop or TV onto your Phone. This will connect your phone to the TV, and you will be able to control the characters in your game. The number of games that are available at AirConsole is limited as the site is new. However, the company is working hard to bring new games and attract more gamers.

The Karaoke Game

As crazy as this sounds, AirConsole has a Karaoke game where you can sing into the microphone of your smartphone. Having access to good old tunes and classics, along with the greatest billboard hits that you can imagine. There are over 7,500 songs that are available in the AirConsole Karaoke game. One of the impressive features about this game is that if you forget the lyrics, the artist of the song will sing along to help you remember the words and continue the song.

Cards and Humanity

Derived from the classic party game ‘Cards against Humanity,’ Cards and Humanity is the digital version of this game. The game is simple. Sync your phones to the TV by typing the numeric code that appears on the TV onto your phones. Each player will receive their cards during gameplay. One of the best things about this game is that is a built-in narration system, making the silly cards that you have chosen, even funnier. On the bright side, you won’t always have to carry a box of cards around with you. However, make sure that you realize that this game is very offensive to some people.

The Neighbourhood

The Neighbourhood is a similar game to the classic game, Raft wars. As a team-based slingshot game, the story is about two neighbors that absolutely, hate each other. The game’s purpose is to destroy your opponent before they kill you. This game is also very similar to the classic game ‘Angry Birds,’ as the game involves the characters launching a wide-range of artillery across the streets into their neighbor’s house. Some of the weapons include the ‘Catacow’ which involves inflating a cow and blowing it up. Up to 8 people can play this game.