The Virtual Reality Extension of Hotel Transylvania 3 Adds Spectacular Interaction

When it comes to out of body experiences, Virtual Reality can probably take you close to the front seat. The gaming world has been shaken and stirred with the introduction of Virtual Reality games and there is a huge market for it. From treating patients with cerebral palsy to helping with cancer patients, virtual reality games have been saving the day. While, the technology promises reality on a plate, the headsets and gadgets have a long way to go.

The Movie Behind the Game

Hotel Transylvania has captured the hearts of many children. The family entertainer about the relationship between a father and daughter has been a reprieve from all the action-packed adventure movies. The third part of this movie came out a few weeks back with a surprise virtual reality game, on the day the movie debuted. Being a virtual reality Popstic game, it is the perfect blend of music and dance that the movie highlighted. Hotel Transylvania 3 is the last part of the series and the makers are determined to milk the audience, with as many add-ons as possible.

Sony is the company behind this movie-based game. They partnered with Specular Theory, a content-studio and have released the game to over 500 VR arcades since its launch. Players who have played the game are thrilled by the design and the fun factor that has been considered. The thousands of visitors who visit VR arcades get a choice of characters, from the movie. On making the choice, they get to select songs that is part of the playlist for their character from the movie.

Game Objective

The main objective of the game is to cross obstacles by dancing and using quick motor skills to cross them. All of this is done with a VR object called the Stic. The levels and progress in the game depends on the experience and the performance of the player. The game has brought the experience of the movie, as much as it possibly can, without losing the flavour and interaction of the game. All members of the family can enjoy the game at the same time. This makes both the movie and the game the perfect pairing for a box-office success. As many players are currently flooding arcades to get a piece of the games, the world of VR continues to blow our minds.

Virtual Reality Games at Home

The equipment is still very highly priced, which does not seem to encourage many players to invest in their own in-home equipment for gameplay. Instead, the inexpensive arcades are the places that gaming fans are frequenting these days. As Hollywood has begun its entry into the world of Virtual Reality games, chances are that the requirement for games will only grow over time. However, for the number of users and fans, the game devices would have to be cheaper. Virtual Reality is here to stay as the number of uses for the technology becomes increasingly evident.