The Phenomenon That is Fortnite – Part 1

There was little hoopla when a video game called Fortnite was released in July of 2017. Well, things sure have changed. Since then, it went on to become the world’s most popular video game. In fact, it’s nothing short of a cultural phenomenon, just like Star Wars and Minecraft before it. Only this one attracts players with a prize fund worth $100 million.

The Phenomenon That is Fortnite – Part 1

Satisfied parents

Children copy dance moves they see in the game across playgrounds the world over while parents, dismayed with their children’s obsessive amount of screen time, were happy that a game finally came along that encouraged communication, compromise, and teamwork among today’s younger generation.The premise of Fortnite comes from The Hunger Games, in which contestants are forced to compete with others on an island until just one remains. In Fortnite, you and 99 fellow players are dropped from a flying bus, before walking on to a candy-coloured island via parachute. A deadly electrical storm edges closer and closer every few minutes, with survivors heading toward one last standoff.

Endless action

Character is destiny, just as in real life: the weak will hide as others will fight each other. The bolshie will directly fly to the more populated towns before taking part in exciting races to be the first player to locate a gun and bullets. The homemaker harvests wood and builds a base, sometimes into the sky so that they have a vantage point to spot and combat any invaders.

Each game lasts for 20 minutes, with 100 tales of cowardice and courage, haplessness and skill accumulate and come together. Matches are both unpredictable and exhilarating, and for everyone but the winner, extremely frustrating.

Legal threat over

While Fortnite bears its own special blend of rhythm and style, it’s a familiar template. It closely adheres to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), which made quite an impression on the PC gaming charts not all that long ago. While, at one point, the game’s producer threatened legal action, nothing came of it and Fortnite had become the new Battleground.The success of Fortnite is a result of a number of different factors. Epic Games, for instance, is one of the oldest companies in the industry, with a wealth of experience, having developed online video games since the beginning of the World Wide Web.

Constant updates

While PUBG’s updates have been infrequent and anything but exciting, Fortnite is constantly being updated and has introduced numerous new items and one-off game modes. The game also has a  colourful and bright aesthetic, which has helped to convince parents that the cartoonish violence is perfectly harmless. PUBG, on the other hand, is gory and brown.Streamer Tyler Blevins was joined by NFL player JuJu Smith-Schuster, along with music stars Travis Scott and Drake, to form a Fortnite squad. Footage from their session was broadcast on live-streaming service Twitch, which broke a record for the most viewed episode online. It was reported by The Washington Post that, at one point, over 630,000 viewers were watching.

Constant updates

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