The Horrifying Hit – Five Nights at Freddy’s Online Game

YouTube’s most trending Vlogger Markiplier is mostly to blame for the immense success of this horrifying game. Five Nights at Freddy’s is the most popular online game that children are playing these days. The game is a downloadable and involves surviving a horrific attack of monsters in the closet. Players are drawn to the shoot of adrenaline that the game promises. Be assured that you will scream at various points during game play.

The Backstory of The Game

The game is designed so that young players are attracted to its suspense and gory interaction. The game does not have any blood baths, however, the horror of dealing with haunted real looking toys is enough to scare players. There are different sets where the player can play the game. In total there are six sets to choose from. Players are required to survive the night at the set and get away unscathed from the scene. With a few scares and jumps, the players are drawn to keep trying and are surprised every time.

The Rise to Popularity

The game became popular with the introduction of cute and fuzzy toys that are the monsters in the game. These toys are often mistaken for something that a child can have, and parents buy their kids the merchandise. Children as young as 6 and 8 have been drawn to the YouTube channels showing these characters and soon fall in love with the thrill that the game offers.

In the year 2014, the first toys reached the toy isles of popular stores. Thanks to the many YouTube videos, children are now clamouring to game websites to catch their favourite characters. A response such as this has never been seen in young children before. Merchandise stockers are seeing over 200% in profit from these characters, then they have seen with any other video game merchandise. The only competing merchandise are the ones that are manufactured by Disney.

A Movie in The Making

Award winning children’s movie director Chris Columbus is set to direct the movie that is following the popularity of the game. The movie will follow a story of a security guard whose mission will be to survive on the set. The set that the movie will focus on is the pizza parlour of Freddy Fazbear. The movie, just like the game, will have animatronic characters who will jump out of dark corners to attack. Just like the game, the animatronics in the movie is based on the ones at Chuck E. Cheese.

There are several novels and game sets that have inspired the movie. The actual script of the movie is still a mystery to fans worldwide. So far, there have been many games that have been attempted to be cast into movies. However, as luck would have it, these movies do not fare well in the box office. Game enthusiasts are often disappointed with the outcome of the movie as they are unable to capture the suspense and the thrill of the games themselves. While, the chances of the Five Nights at Freddy’s movie being a hit, based on previous game-movies, is slim; hope remains.