Microsoft at The Forefront – Xbox Controller for The Disabled

For a few years now, Microsoft has been working with Able Gamers Charity and the Cerebral Palsy foundation to make their devices available for their disabled fans. This controller dawns a new era for providing the gaming experience to all people with limited mobility. All external switches and joysticks can be connected to this controller to create a custom controller for people who are differently enabled. The adaptive controller was designed and developed with a lot of feedback from the gaming community and after much research. The button remapping and profile customization can be done with the accessories app by Xbox too.

The Evolution of The Adaptive Controller

The evolution goes back to the early 2000s when two researchers got together with accessibility engineers and came up with the concept. With their skills in engineering and real-world knowledge, they began taking apart a controller and putting it together to adapt to everyone. Thus, was born the prototype for the first ever adaptive controller. Following this is when the first controller that allowed switches to be connected to it was developed. But this was back in 2011. Fast forward a few years, and the ability to create a working controller for the limitedly mobile community was born.

The community that put together the initial controller along with some players who were disabled worked together to bring the Xbox Adaptive Controller. The accessibility buttons, the switch connectivity, and the joystick adapters were all designed with goal in mind, and the unveiling of the final controller was launched. The price of the Adaptive Controller is set to about $99, which is both cost-effective and accessible to everyone, thereby, promoting inclusive gaming. The possibilities that the new controller has opened is boundless and the beginning of a new era.

Unveiling the Design of The Adaptive Controller

The new design of the adaptive controller has gained a lot of recognition amongst the disabled community. The very initiative of providing for the disabled and by a prominent gaming company is appreciated. The innovative design is notable. The controller called the XAC is very simplistic in its design. The menu buttons and the D-Pad are placed at the top, and two big round hand pads are at the base. The back of the controller has many ports. This is where the controller will be connected to several accessories.

The innovative design of the Adaptive Controller is not constrained to just the product. It extends to the actual box that the product is packed in as well. The cardboard box that contains the controller and the big cardboard box around it makes sure that the shipping is easy without damaging the product. The packaging ensures that a disabled person would be able to access the product with ease. The package is also notable enough that other companies that design for disability would follow suit. The loops in the package make the box easy to open and get to the product simply, without needing to dig and prod at the packaging. Overall, the Adaptive controller is set to impress from the box to the actual product as well. The usability and the comments from its users are yet to be seen though.