Look Out for Television Series Based on Video Games

Video games have paved the plot for movies in the past. From Call of Duty to Tomb raider, the movie makers have cashed in on the most popular games that gamers love. While there are newer movies based on video games that are in the pipeline, word has it that the next big cash cow is in television series. Netflix and HBO have interestingly gained popularity over the last few years and television producers are now looking at it to keep enthralled gamers coming back for more. Their selling point, of keeping the plot and story line going with multiple seasons is a smart strategy.

Ubisoft and Apple’s Big Break

When a technology giant and a video game giant get together and decide to bring out a television series for video games, you know that is news worth waiting for. Ubisoft’s Ghost Recon Wildlands is a popular game that has been sweeping consoles over years. The shooter game is now being made into a TV series that will revolve around a plot about gaming and the development of games. Apple which will be the producer of the TV series, entered into the partnership with the Ubisoft to bring this dream to life.

For fans who are keen to know the title of the TV series, there is little information. However, news is that Lionsgate-3 arts entertainment will be part of the production team with Ubisoft. People who are familiar with Lionsgate in films will be glad to know that their new division, 3 Arts is their new entertainment wing. The new venture will give the producing giant a huge leverage in the field of entertainment where existing players such as Netflix and HBO have been holding fort for a very long time. Ubisoft has been releasing updates and patches to the existing game to keep gamers interested in the plot as well. From gathered news, the update is that the TV series will be thirty minutes long each and will air without a pilot. Apple has been in the business of making TV shows since of late and this new idea definitely shows promise for more gaming related TV shows.

About the Series

The scripted comedy TV series will star Rob McElhenney and Charlie Day and revolve around them working in a gaming development studio. For fans, the duo are the brains behind the television series “Its always sunny in Philadelphia”. The show is also expected to hilariously capture the makings of a game in a gaming studio in a very creative way. Rob is also the same who worked on the Minecraft movie. Though the release and the making of the movie has been indefinitely delayed, Rob now has his chance at gaming and acting with this huge collaboration.

Fans around the world have been pouring in their best wishes for the show. This only increases the pressure on delivering the best that the audience will eat up. The promises look fantastic with all the right people being involved in this collaboration. What’s next is for them to deliver premium content that fans will keep coming back for.