Insomniac Games Gears Up to Launch New Spiderman Game

In the year 2000, the first Spiderman game was released and wowed players by jumping their favourite superhero, off rooftops. With the growing success of the game, fans worldwide waited two years to see the next version of the game, set in New York. So far, the PS2 version of the game is the best. After the second release, there have not been any new developments on the Spidey front. However, Insomniac Games have announced the release of the all-new Spiderman game, due to be launched in September 2018. The experience is said to be epic and one which is going to redefine how comic-book characters, have been adapted into games.

Looking at The Trailer and The Demo Version

The trailer for the game shows that the fluid movements of the comic hero are absolutely fantastic. The game has raised the bar on how comic adaptations into games have been done before. Say goodbye to the clunky and stop-motion like movements of the past and say hello, to the realistic experience this game is about to offer. The game has been perfected over the last 20 years and gives Spiderman that CGI persona that did not exist before. In combat as well, Spiderman is said to be precise in his moves in small spaces.
The trailer starts with our character at the top of a building and flows into what the game has to offer. When the trial version of the game is played, the user is given a quick run through with what mechanics are a possibility in-game, at the start. From standard swings to launching his famous web, the game is easy to control and breeze through. The learning curve is said to be at an average pace for the new player. The ability to find a place for the web to latch on as the character flies through open spaces is a nifty feature that gaming fans can master quickly.

Spiderman’s Capabilities

The controls are easy to master. Spiderman can do jumps, dodges, and attacks with the help of the controls. The suit that Spiderman wears is loaded with a lot of web-based tech for the player to use. There are web-bombs and web-mines along with the usual shooting of his web, to disarm criminals.

Playing from the Spiderman POV, the player can slow down the speed of the game to focus and heal at the same time. Gaming experts say that the suit is well geared up with so many capabilities, that it is possible that Iron Man’s Tony Stark had a role to play in its engineering. However, the stories are yet to be confirmed if Tony has a role in the game.

Spiderman also is said to have the ability to use his web to grab and throw things at enemies. Controlling the crowd of bystanders is easy with this feature, while Spidey makes his trademark attacks on the foe. His movements are smooth, and the way he bounces off obstacles and attacks don’t overwhelm the user. The game will most definitely impress the player with its new glitch-free experience.