Guide to a Seamless PUBG Experience on Mobile

Mobile gamers all over the world are now drawn to the newest addiction on mobile – PUBG or Player Unknown’s Battle Grounds. The game has gained popularity over the recent months and offers players who don’t own a gaming console a full experience on their mobile phones. Test and enhance your shooting skills with this survival game in an open arena. Your choice of weapons will decide your fate on the battlegrounds of this immensely addictive game.

System Requirements

Bringing console games to mobile phones is a huge step into allowing games to be accessible for anyone and everywhere, without a dedicated device for gaming. Apple and Android devices can be used to play PUBG on the go. The game can be played in over 500 android devices; so, if you have a play store on your android device. iPhone users can still play the game on a 5s; however, a smoother experience is guaranteed on the iPhone 6. Players who still want to play with a lower OS can choose the graphics settings to be minimum. To be able to play on your phone here are the requirements to ensure you have a smooth; glitch-free experience.

Game Basics to Get You Through

Players who have been playing the game for a few months now advice that the area where you land when you enter the game, will determine if you will fair well or die instantly in the game. Choose roofs to land on, rather than on the ground, so that you are not in plain sight of other players. The mobile version of the game has some impressive features, that the console version of the game does not have. The controls are fine enough to smoothly land you where you want, with your parachute, when you start the game.

The map on the mobile version of PUBG is the best. Players who have used both the console version as well as the mobile version feel that the PUBG Mobile version is easier to understand because of the flight plan that it has. The plan helps the player understand where to exactly land in the game so that it is easy to move toward the extraction point. The interface is designed well so as not to interfere with game play and with the position of the map.

Features That Can Aid Gameplay

There are several auto features, that you can make use of when you play. Auto-picking up of ammo, weapons and loot boxes are a huge advantage, for the involved player. Auto point and shoot is a favourite that makes the game perfect for anyone without precise shooting abilities, to become talented snipers.

Players who enjoy console playing probably enjoy the online chatting features and feel that it enhances gameplay. PUBG mobile features can enjoy the same features even on the mobile. Players are advised to make sure that they choose weapons and skills, that would fit them better. Same goes with clothes in the game. Players who start playing are naked till they can find clothes during gameplay. So, unless you want to be naked; first off search for loot boxes to get clothes or you can just spend a lot of money and buy them in-game.