Gaming Industry – Newest Tab on YouTube Only For Gamers

YouTube is a popular platform that allows a visitor to access videos that are posted by other users. The popular platform features the latest content about the gaming industry amongst other industries. Content kings who have accounts on YouTube have thousands and sometimes millions of followers who like to watch their videos. In 2015, YouTube released a separate and new app to meet the demand of its gaming audience. This app focused on relocating all the gaming videos and making it easier for users to find them. Recently, YouTube decided that stopping the app and adding the feature directly to the main YouTube page for gaming videos, was more effective.

The new YouTube Gaming app mainly targeted its content toward gamers. The reasoning behind the app is that the general use of the YouTube website had become a haven for only gaming related content. Any other content was ignored or seldom used by gaming subscribers. Subscribers who used YouTube for gaming are in the millions, and it only made sense for the media giant to provide them with a dedicated app.  YouTube gaming is ideal for all audiences. Although, parental guidance is advised for younger viewers.

The YouTube Gaming App

Ryan Wyatt

The YouTube Gaming app was created in 2015. Its primary mission was to get the Gamers who use YouTube frequently for gaming, to use the app instead. However, it didn’t attract the number of people that were estimated. Subscribers were confused about the purpose of the dedicated app when they could find new and related content on the main site. The worst part about the development of the app was the effort and engineering to create the extra-special features. The issues that surfaced resulted in the app being shut down and its content moved into YouTube’s main page, making it easier for access to viewers of the gaming content. Ryan Wyatt, the Gaming Director for YouTube, hopes that the insertion of the app’s content into the main YouTube page will help people resolve some of the confusion that was caused by the app.

The Gaming Tab on YouTube

Hereafter, if you look at the top-left corner of the YouTube main page, you will see that YouTube Gaming occupies a small tab area that is similar to the ‘featured’ tab, showcasing a variety of videos that have been personalized to show the newest live-feeds. Each of the games featured on the YouTube gaming tab have a dedicated page that shows all content that highlights the game. A welcome relief to subscribers without having to leave the platform for their videos.

Not only has YouTube completely changed the Gaming area, but it has also added new features. Some of these features include the promotion of lesser-known YouTubers who create good content. Putting them on the highlights panel with the words ‘On the Rise,’ this feature allows more users to visit the material that these YouTubers post. The chosen YouTubers change every week. Unfortunately, the feature is currently available only for US audiences. YouTube engineers are also working toward spreading this feature to the other YouTube tabs.