Australia Brings First Largescale eSport Tournaments to Melbourne

The most popular sports and entertainment in the gaming industry are eSports. These tournaments combine technology and sports to provide the ultimate gaming experience. The Melbourne Park has been converted into every gamer’s haven for this purpose during the eSports tournament. The giant screens and the best gamers from all over Australia and the world are encouraged to come and participate in the experience. The latest technology when it comes to gaming is also available that no gamer can refuse. This will be the biggest gaming event in Australia as opposed to the Qudos Bank Arena tournament in Sydney.

What to Expect at The Tournament

While the Sydney version of the eSport tournament is set to impress with its first international eSport event, much glory awaits the Melbourne tournament. Estimate to be the biggest eSport tournament; the event is set to carry on for several days and at multiple arenas. The games that would be available at the tournament has not been released yet. However, League of Legends might seem like a good fit in an event as big as this. Overwatch or even Rocket League are two considerations that might be available at the tournament.

The event is set to generate about twenty-five million dollars for the government over five years while the partnership with TEG Live and ESL exists. The entrance to the Arena will be through the City Entrance as all other entrances will be closed. The entrance to the arena can be reached by taking public transport. There will be new game releases that you can get your hands on to try at the JB Hi-Fi Zone before the rest of the world get to experience it.

Security at The Event

The security will be the top priority at the event. Guests can expect to have their bags and tickets checked at arrival with no exceptions what so ever. Therefore, it is best to reach the venue about 30 minutes before the games are scheduled to begin. Visitors are also asked to consider reducing the number of things they carry to the site so that the wait time is shorter. If you would like to carry your own electronic devices such as laptops or tablets, the good news is that it is permitted at the tournament.

Cosplay enthusiasts are welcome at the tournament. However, if any of the weapons that you carry as part of your costume is functional, they are not allowed. All costume weapons will be permitted with earlier approval. The security checks will make sure that the accessories as part of the costume is inspected and checked before being allowed into the arena.

Concert-goers who wish to attend the event can buy tickets online. There are standard and premium tickets that are available for this event. The premium seat at the Rod Laver Area is guaranteed for those with a premium pass. Otherwise all the other two standards of tickets have the same benefits. The Melbourne Esports Open will run in September, and while the ambiance is set to completely thrill gamers, the excitement and magnitude are yet to be seen.