Augmented Reality Games Come to Facebook

Little did anyone think that social media would be the next hub for playing games that were once constrained to consoles. With the new PUBG game offering players the ability to play games on their mobile; Facebook integration with mobile games has now opened up possibilities for even more connectivity.

Social Media and Gameplay

Augmented Reality has been around for a while now especially with the Pokémon Go games that were introduced a few years back. Mobile users have been able to enhance and heighten gaming experiences with AR and the foundation was laid with Pokémon Go. Now, Facebook; the social media giant, has developed games for AR which can be played right on their messenger platform, during chat sessions.

The ability to play games on messenger has been around for some time now, however, it is the first time a technology such as AR has been used. The video session of messenger is what is used to play Augmented Reality games, and this just pushes users to use messengers even more. Now, there are only a couple of games that are available on messenger for users to experience. Users have reported that they like the Don’t Smile game as opposed to Asteroids Attack of the two available. With the successful launch and use of these games, the company is offering to release a few more games soon.

Keeping It in House

The developers of Facebook have been working hard to keeping the games inside Facebook. Unlike other gamin companies, Facebook is not planning to give external developers the control to be able to build for the platform. If this means, that Facebook is starting a whole internal gaming unit specifically for gaming market or not, is yet to be seen.

As of now, developers have been given access to try the different tools available on the development platform on Facebook, to try and use the gaming features. However, the ability to actually develop and publish the game is not possible as yet. Using AR has been possible on Facebook for developers who wanted to create filters for the cameras and the same concept is used to create the Augmented Reality games.

Not the Only Fish in the Pond

Other social media companies have been attempting to do the same but with little success. Snapchat is known to have introduced the concept of using AR in developing games. Just like Facebook, Snapchat as well have kept the development of the games to an internal thing. However, Snapchat might be allowing developers to develop for the platform in the future, much quicker than Facebook would.

AR Experiences are available on several platforms such as Instagram and Tinder as well. This gives users the hope that game play will soon be available across different social media channels for users to experience. If you notice people playing around with a filter on social media, chances are that the filter will soon be used to develop an AR game.  Social media companies choose AR games based on the most popular filters that people use to increase the usability of the games that they develop.